Effective Landing Pages for Paid Search and E-mail Marketing
December 8th, 2009 by Missi

First things first – What is a Landing Page? A landing page is the page of your website that consumers arrive at after clicking on your advertisement. It could be the same as your home or index page, but in many cases, it should not be.

Designing an effective landing page or site to coordinate with your marketing efforts is one of the most important, and often-times overlooked, aspect of an online marketing campaign. How many times have you gotten an e-mail offering some kind of promotion, only to click through and not find anything relevant to what the e-mail offered on the landing page? Or you may have to dig around the site and click several places to find the promotion. Same goes for an ad on a search engine. It sounded like the landing page was going to have exactly what you needed – only to click through and find nothing.

Average consumers are not going to go to these lengths to find your promotion. You might think it is the greatest deal in the world, but if it is buried three pages deep with no navigation from the landing page, you might as well forget that it is even there. The customer has.

In fact, to advertise on Google AdWords, a landing page must be operational, unique and transparent. Sites that are under construction are not allowed and all ads must be paused during any site maintenance. Unique means that the landing page must contain content found only on your site – or a competing ad with similar or identical content may be shown instead of yours. Finally, transparency ensures a level of trust between your business and your consumers. This means that the browser window cannot resize for the landing page, nor can you disable the back button or serve pop-ups or pop-unders. You can find out more about Google’s editorial policies on the AdWords website.

Coordinating your landing page to your promotion is essential. If you offer a 30% off coupon in the e-mail creative, the coordinating landing page must make mention and provide more details of this offer or make the offer available within 1-2 clicks from the landing page. If you are alluding to a press release, link to the press releases page of your website.

While it might make sense to you that if a consumer visits your home page, he or she will be able to find whatever they need, this is not so. You must grab their attention in the first few seconds they are on the page and if they have just clicked through one of your advertisements, they are there with a singular purpose – to find more information about the link they clicked.

Basic Landing Page Tips
• Be Honest – Do not try to take the consumer to a page they did not want to go, or that has no relevance to the promotion.
• Be Coordinated – Marry your promotions and landing pages in theme, copy and design.
• Be Relevant – Grab the consumer’s attention immediately.
• Be Purposeful – Information on your site should be there for a reason and suited to the purpose of the page or promotion. If it is filler, lose it – it will be a distraction to your potential conversions or worse, it may cause them to be confused and abandon the site completely.

Match your promotions with your landing pages. If your landing page does not fit with your promotion – design a new one. If you are not sure or can’t tell whether the landing page is effective with your marketing efforts, hire a professional to analyze it.

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      [...] Newsletters should be sent regularly, on the date, week or month that they are scheduled to be sent and should be frequently sent, but not too frequently. A weekly newsletter is usually sufficient for most industries. Something more social or news-related may operate on a more real-time model. E-mails that are part of a series should each make mention to one another, and should all be linked on the landing page. A properly coordinated landing page with your e-mail campaign is essential. Read more about landing pages here:Effective Landing Pages for Paid Search and E-mail Marketing [...]

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