Fine Tuning SEO
August 13th, 2008 by J.K.

Fine tuning SEO by keeping up to date with the search engine changes, bolding, ALT tags, and meta keyword tags. When it comes to optimizing your sites for search engines there is a seemingly endless list of things you can do. The search engines are constantly changing and modifying the way they rank sites so having a well rounded site with good overall SEO is one of the best ways you can go about getting a good ranking and making sure you keep it.

As you optimize your site you will want to make sure you hit the important areas including having good title tags, good keywords in your body text and strong incoming links. There are a handful of smaller, less important things you can do as well that can help you. These finer details alone may not make much difference but when you add them all together they can add up and help your site achieve better rankings.

Among the finer details you may want to explore are: bolding some keyword text. Don’t bold every occurrence of your keywords within your site text, but bolding a few keywords at the top of each page and a few keywords at the bottom of each page can help. Rae Hoffman said about using the bolded keywords, “Same as keyword in domain – you’ll see much more result from this behavior in MSN than you will in Google.”

Give all your images ALT tag descriptions. While this will mostly help with getting your images listed in the search engine image search feature, they can help tell the search engines more about your site and that can have a small impact on ranking.

Using the keyword meta tag is another option. Many search engines ignore this now, but others like Yahoo still give it some value. Russ Jones writes of the keyword meta tag, “Almost no value, but two pages with gibberish for content, one with a real keyword in a meta keywords tag, the other without… The one with the keyword will rank above. Which weighs more, an anvil, or an anvil with a feather?”

These are smaller, less weighty details of doing SEO on your site, but used together they could be that little push that moves you up a few places in the rankings.

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