How to Edit Your Account Settings on Facebook
December 13th, 2011 by Catherine

Facebook series

3. How to edit your account settings on Facebook

1) Your account settings in Facebook include your real name, username, e-mail address, password, security question and much more.

2) After you have logged in, go to Account… then click Account Settings.

3) Click Change next to the item you want to edit.

4) When editing your real name, you can choose how your name should appear or enter alternate names such as nicknames or your maiden name. When finished entering your name, click Save Changes.

5) Take care when editing your real name as name changes are limited. Using anything but your real name can cause you to be blocked from making more changes in the future. Click Confirm Change.

6) You can also edit your username, e-mail and password here.

7) Towards the bottom half of the page, there are settings related to your account’s privacy and security. Let’s set a Security Question.

8) Choose a question you want to use…

9) Then type the answer to the question you chose, and click Change Security Question.

10) Enter your Facebook password and click Confirm.

11) Go to the Networks tab. To join a high school or college network, you must be a current student and have a school e-mail address. To join a work network, you must have a work e-mail address from a supported company.

12) Go to Notifications. Set whether you want to receive notifications via e-mail or SMS for each action on Facebook. We will cover this in more detail in a later tutorial.

13) Go to Mobile. Optionally, you can choose to activate your phone to receive notifications on your mobile phone. This will be covered in a later tutorial in this series.

14) Go to Language. Change your primary language to browse Facebook in the language of your choice.

15) Click Payments. While using Facebook is free, some of the games and apps available may choose to charge to use some of the features. So, this is where you can update your payment methods and purchase more credits.

16) Click Facebook Ads. If you click the Like button next to an adverstisement on Facebook, that same ad will then be shown to your friends by default. If you don’t want to show ads you like to your friends, you can edit that setting here.

17) That’s it! You now know how to edit your account settings on Facebook.

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