How to Edit Your Profile on LinkedIn
December 31st, 2011 by Catherine

LinkedIn series

2. How to edit your profile on LinkedIn

You can edit your profile at any time to keep your information up to date.

After you have logged in, go to Profile. Click Edit Profile.

Click Edit.

Edit your basic information, such as first and last name, or choose how your want your name to be displayed.

Here, you can change your professional headline and location information. Click Save Changes.

The section under your basic information shows your education and work experience. Click Add next to each item to enter relevant information.

Add or edit each section to reflect achievements and experiences on your profile.

Click Edit to change information.

Type your phone number if you wish to add it.

Select your birth month, day and year.

Click on the lock icon to change privacy settings for each item.

Select if you want to make this option visible to only your connections, your network, or everyone.

Click Save Changes.

Click Edit to change your contact settings.

Choose if you want to receive introductions and InMail or only introductions.

Select the kinds of opportunities you want to receive.

That’s it! Now you know how to edit your profile on LinkedIn.

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