III. E-mail Marketing – How Do I Get Subscribers?
December 28th, 2009 by Missi

You have the website. You have the ESP. Now What?

You need subscribers. All subscribers to your e-mail list should be at least confirmed opt-in, but some permission policies now state that lists need to be double op

t-in (sometimes known as closed-loop). For e-mail marketing to be truly permission based and not spam, you should employ double opt-in practices.

What is Opt-In E-mail?
Put a sign up box on your website, collect the email address and they are added to your list. The problem with single opt-in is that the e-mail address entered could be anyone’s, even those of your competitors. Worst of all, e-mails could be added to your list that are notorious do-not-email addresses of people who bring lawsuits against e-mail marketers for sending spam.

Confirmed E-mail
Users still sign up on your website, but you send a welcome message back indicating they have signed up for your list. This welcome email will also include an unsubscribe option for your users to immediately leave the list if they have signed up erroneously (or if someone else signed them up).chong qi cheng bao

Opt-Out E-Mail
Have you ever signed up for a free video or article, only to start receiving email from the author immediately afterwards? This is most likely Opt-Out E-mail. This means that during the sign up process, the user does not actively state that they want to receive marketing communication from you, that box is pre-checked. There is no confirmation e-mail, but as always, each e-mail must have an unsubscribe option (both postal and online, as defined by CAN-SPAM).

Double Opt-In E-Mail
The gold medal of permission e-mail, Double Opt-In occurs when a user signs up on your website and instead of a Welcome E-mail, the user is sent a confirmation e-mail, confirming their intent to subscribe to your mailing list. If the subscription is not confirmed, it’s not kept on the list.

Work with your ESP to develop your sign-up form and decide which permission-based practice fits your business best. In terms of list quality, in order from worst to best is, Single Opt-In, Opt-Out, Confirmed Opt-In, then Double Opt-In. Remember to set up welcome or confirmation e-mails, depending on which practice you decide to go with.

Now that you know the difference between opt-in types of e-mail, you’re ready to start sending that e-mail.
There’s one small problem – What do you send?

Next part in our series – E-mail Marketing – What to Send & When to Send it. Can’t wait for the next installment? Hire a professional e-mail marketer.

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