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July 25th, 2008 by J.K.

When search engines like Google and Yahoo index your site they use many different criteria in determining what keywords your site should rank well for. One of the more important criteria is the use of your keywords or keyword phrases in the body text of your web site. If you want to rank well for a certain phrase or word you need to have that phrase or word appear throughout the site. You don’t want to overdo it, but you need to be diligent about putting the keywords or keyword phrases where applicable in the body text of your site.

“It is important to use the keyword phrase throughout the page where it makes sense. As engines get more sophisticated, it’s not just the targeted keyword phrase that counts, but the mix of all the words on the page that help to determine what the page is about.” This advice is given by Scottie Claiborne when he spoke about adding your keywords and phrases into your site. If you do too much, the engines will ignore you, if you do too little you may suffer in the rankings. Barry Welford suggests using keywords, “Particularly in the starting and ending paragraphs.” If you start your text off with some keyword relevant text and end the text on your site with some keyword relevant text you should be in good shape.

Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of text on your site compared to the number of uses of the keyword. Some people will call this keyword density and will claim there is a magic number you want to hit. Many experts including Christ Boggs disagree. “Use of semantic variations and less focus on keyword density seems to be key. Go “naturelle!” Chris advises. Using common sense will get you a long way here. If you have a lot of text on the site, you can have more occurrences of the keywords or keyword phrases. If you have very little text, you don’t want too much so fewer uses will work just fine. In the end content is king. You want to write text on your site that will be useful to visitors and will contain the keywords you want to work in. You get good rankings, your visitors get a good, useful site and everyone is happy.

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