Managing Bookmarks in Google Chrome
February 3rd, 2012 by Catherine

Google Chrome series

6. How to manage bookmarks in Google Chrome

When you bookmark a page, the web address is stored in a file on your computer for future access.

1) To manage your bookmarks, open the menu.

2) Click Bookmark manager.

Once you have added bookmarks, they can be organized here.

3) Open the menu.

4) Go to Tools.

5) Click Always show bookmarks bar.

Now any pages we add to the Bookmarks Bar folder will show up here.

Let’s see how to bookmark a page.

6) Type a URL in the address bar.

7) Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

8) On the page you want to bookmark, click this grey star.

Notice the star has now turned yellow indicating that this page has been bookmarked.

9) Optionally type a name for this bookmark, then choose the folder where this link should be stored.

We want this link to show up in our bookmarks bar.

10) Click Done to close this prompt.

The page we added to the bookmark bar shows up here.

11) Click Other Bookmarks.

This list will show all other pages you have bookmarked that aren’t in your bookmarks bar.

That’s it! Now you know how to manage your bookmarks in Google Chrome.

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