Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox
January 25th, 2012 by Catherine

Mozilla Firefox series

7. How to manage bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

When you bookmark a page, the web address is stored in a file on your computer for future access.

In Firefox, you can choose to show the bookmarks toolbar in the menu as we see here.

1) To manage your bookmarks, open the menu.

2) Go to Bookmarks.

3) Click Show All Bookmarks.

Here are the three categories where bookmarks can be stored.

Let’s view the Bookmarks Toolbar.

These are the default bookmarks Firefox creates automatically. You can sort your bookmarks into folders.

4) Right click to open the menu.

5) Click New Folder.

6) Type a Name and optionally a Description then click Add.

7) Double click a folder to view its contents.

Since we just created this folder, it’s empty, so let’s add a bookmark now.

8) On the page you want to bookmark, click this grey star.

Notice the star has now turned yellow indicating that this page has been bookmarked.

9) Now let’s return to our bookmarks manager.

When you bookmark a new page, it shows up under Unsorted Bookmarks.

10) Click and drag the bookmark to the folder where you want to move it.

11) Now click the folder.

Here is the bookmark we just moved.

12) Click the X to close this window.

Notice our folder we created in the bookmarks toolbar now shows up here.

And clicking on the folder brings up a list of all bookmarks we have stored in that folder.

That’s it! Now you know how to manage your bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox.

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