Managing Browsing History and Cache in Mozilla Firefox
January 22nd, 2012 by Catherine

Mozilla Firefox series

4. How to manage history and cache in Mozilla Firefox

The History in web browsers is a list of all websites you have visited. The Cache stores data so future requests to that data can be loaded faster. Both of these can become quite large with frequent use.

1) Click this orange button to expand the menu.

2) Go to History.

3) Click Show All History.

The web pages will be sorted by the date they were visited.

4) Double click a folder to open it.

5) Click a page and press the delete key to remove items from your history.

If you have a lot of pages, deleting history using this method can be tedious, so, let’s see how to delete our entire history.

6) Open the menu.

7) Go to History.

8) Click Clear Recent History.

9) In the window that appears, choose a time range to clear.

10) Select the items to delete: browsing and download history, cookies, cache, active logins, and preferences.

11) Once you click Clear Now, the deleted items cannot be recovered.

12) Now let’s view our history.

Everything that was here previously has been permanently deleted.

That’s it! Now you know how to manage your history and cache in Mozilla Firefox.

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