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August 2nd, 2008 by J.K.

One of the most important parts of search engine optimization is the amount and quality of the inbound links to your site. Inbound links to your site represent a sort of “vote” which the search engines take as a vote of confidence in your site. If a site links to you they must like your website and trust that you will provide their users with something of value. This type of organic link growth can improve your search engine ranking dramatically.

When it comes to inbound links you want to do it in an organic manner. What this means is that you shouldn’t go out and hit every link farm you can find and add your site in one day. If your site comes online and is indexed by Google then after one week you have five inbound links and the next you have 550 it will not seem organic. These days the search engines want to see it as if a person is actually going out and finding sites to get links on, not just hitting up spam boards or link dumps.

On the subject of link dumps and spam board style sites you may want to steer clear of them when you are growing your inbound links. A few probably won’t hurt you, but too many could. Debra Mastaler wrote about spam or link dump style inbound links, “If they’re the ONLY links – not good. But if you have a mixed bag then it’s not going to send you to the twilight zone.” So you want to make sure you don’t focus all your attention on these types of links.

Overall quality will eventually outweigh quantity. If you have a handful of inbound links coming from websites that are trusted and have a high globally popularity they will do much more to help your ranking than any number of link dump or spam site links ever will. When developing a strategy for growing links keep in mind that the search engines want to list sites of value that have a long life span. It may take you a while to grow a decent number of inbound links, but done correctly it will really help you in the end.

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