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August 9th, 2008 by J.K.

When you are developing an SEO campaign for your site you should set aside a good portion of your time for coming up with a solid linking strategy with relevant links. Anyone can build a site, blast it with keywords then spam it to hundreds of link dumps and spam sites. While that method may work for a few weeks or even months, eventually your site will fall from the rankings and you will be fighting an uphill battle to regain your lost rankings.

One thing that will help you maintain strong rankings is to get one-way inbound links from highly relevant websites. A relevant website would be any site that is similar to yours or even a site that would be of interest to people that visit your site. For example if your site is about surfing, relevant websites would be other surfing sites, surf equipment and clothing sites, tour guides and travel companies that deal with surf travel and other things that are generally of interest to people that surf. Michael McDonald wrote on the relevancy of websites that link to your site, “This is one of the most important things about ‘good’ inbound links.” The more relevant and high quality the site that links to you, the more weight that link will carry with the search engines.

You can get inbound links from non relevant sites and they will help you with your rankings as long as the link anchor text includes good keywords for your site. If you mix up a collection of links from lesser and non relevant sites and you include a handful of links from very relevant sites it should make for a nice mix and you should gain some good results from the search engines. When looking for websites to request links from, just keep in mind the question, “How would people from my site feel about this site?” If you answer, “I think they would like it.” Then the site is probably relevant and worth getting a link from.

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