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October 22nd, 2008 by J.K.

A press release is used to announce information about you, your website or company. They have plenty of uses when it comes to getting information out to various people, but they can also play a role in helping to optimize your site for search engines.

Using a press release as an SEO tool can be a little bit of an art form. First off you want the press release to clearly explain what it is that you are announcing about your site. You don’t want your press release to just be packed full of keywords, but it should be detailed and to the point and actually read well. Write it for people, not search engines. Feel free to mention the people and technology involved in whatever you are announcing, but if you are going to use the press release as an SEO tool as well then you will want to put a few keywords you are looking for in the press release, just don’t overdo it.

For example if you are doing a press release about a new server package your hosting company is offering then you would want to mention what you are offering as well as any technical aspects of it. If you are trying to optimize your site for the keywords “seo web hosting” you want to use that term a few times within the press release as well.

To use this press release to help your site with search engine rankings you will want to have a link within the press release to your site and that link should use link anchor text that uses the keywords you are optimizing for. With the example above you will want to have your link use the words “seo web hosting” in it.

When you send this press release out to various media outlets they will then publish it on their website and it will be crawled by search engines and they will then see all of these well optimized one way links now pointing to your site. Many media sites have strong relevance within the search engines so all of these links from your now published press release to your site are going to be considered quality links and they will help to increase your site’s rankings.

A press release can be a fast and easy tool that can get you some great one way links to your site. I would suggest checking out the sites you plan to submit your press release to and see what type of stuff they post. You may need to modify your release for individual sites, but it can be well worth any extra effort you have to put into it.

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