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October 19th, 2008 by J.K.

If you run a blog, chances are you are using WordPress. It is a great piece of software and it has some amazing features that help make optimizing your blogs for search engines fast and easy. Here are a few must-haves to SEO for WordPress based blogs.

Sitemap plugin. This plugin will create an XML sitemap of your blog, publish it to your server and ping your ping list. When you update the blog it will auto-update the sitemap and ping your ping list again, letting the search engines know you have fresh content for them to spider.

All In One SEO plugin. This plugin does several things. First, it allows you to quickly and easily change the title tag of your blog. It also lets you change the meta description tag and your meta keywords as well. More importantly it takes your individual blog posts and uses the title of the post as its title tag and it allows you to insert meta descriptions, meta keywords and search tags into the individual posts. This makes each of your posts have a unique and different title tag so they all can be indexed by search engines. This plugin makes the basic SEO setup of your blog very quick and easy and will save you the trouble of having to do all this by hand.

Another thing you want to do is make sure your ping list has relevant sites in it. WordPress with the sitemap plugin installed will auto ping the major search engines, but there are tons of big blog directories out there that you might want to have your blog pinging. If those directories pick up a post of yours it could mean some nice traffic and some great one way links for SEO.

Here is a nice little trick you can use to get your RSS feeds listed in Yahoo. If you create a free Yahoo account you can customize your startup page on When you customize it, it add the feeds from your sites to that page. Yahoo will see that someone is adding feeds they don’t have in their directory and they will spider them. I have had my feeds listed in Yahoo for a few sites and it is nice free traffic and exposure.

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