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October 29th, 2008 by J.K.

There are a lot of great SEO resources out there today and many of them are free. Here are some of the better sites you should give a look.

SEO Book – ­ Written by Aaron Wall this is one of the best search engine books out there. It covers all the basics plus it gives some great information about business ideas and SEO as well as some great advanced techniques. One of the best things about it is that Aaron is always updating it. As things change and new information comes out he gives this information to the users. He also provides you with some of the best SEO tools out there.

SEOMOZ – ­ This is a search engine optimization resource site with many different tools and articles made available to you. There is a ton of information and expert advice on this site as well as some great, easy to use and valuable tools. They have a free section as well as a pro level which requires a monthly subscription.

Bruce Clay – ­ Bruce has been doing search engine optimization since the early days and has forgotten more about SEO than most people will ever know. His site offers some great free tools and information as well as personal consulting and information for a fee.

Search Engine Watch – ­ Which is a site with advice and articles from pros, forum and posting boards and blogs as well as sections for tools and resources. It really is a catch-all type of site that offers users a myriad of different search engines resources. It is a big site, but is well worth your time to check out.

SEO Chat – ­ This is a large site with a lot of different tools and articles. The articles allow readers and member’s to comment on them and they cover all types of different topics. This is another one of those sites where there is so much information you could spend months just browsing it.

Webmaster World – ­ This site is basically a giant forum where you can discuss and learn about all things webmaster related. There is a ton of information about SEO as well as general webmastering. If you have a question about anything webmaster related, chances are there are people here who can help you with it.

SEO & Web Hosting Knowledgebase – Of course the website you are using right now! Brought to you by Got Web Host to provide you with information you can use to build and promote your website. We have tutorials available through our website or demo player on your desktop, as well as great articles filled with tips on optimizing your website.

These are a few of the better known search engine resource websites. These sites alone could keep you busy for months and months on end. If you are a beginner I suggest starting with SEO Book and our SEO & Web Hosting Knowledgebase.

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