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July 21st, 2008 by J.K.

The term SEO Web hosting is generally used to describe hosting services that are geared towards people who are going to use search engine optimization as their primary source of traffic generation. SEO hosting will normally provide clients with multiple IP addresses as well as multiple Class C IP address and multiple nameservers.

The primary advantage of using SEO Web hosting for a large search engine project is that is allows you to have multiple sites all on the same server and controlled by the same control panel, but with different IP addresses and allowing you to put the sites on different networks. For example, if you are running ten different sites that you have linked together and you have optimized for search engines and you are hosting them all on the same server with the same IP address and the same nameserver, the search engines may penalize you for having too many sites on the same IP. They may also think you are trying to artificially inflate rankings by creating one way inbound links among your different sites. SEO hosting helps you avoid this. With multiple class C IPs and multiple regular IPs it allows your sites to not only reside on individual IPs but also on entirely different network blocks of IPs. This makes the search engines see your sites as being separate from each other and as existing in different locations with different nameservers and you can avoid any penalty you may have run into before.

As the search engines continue to evolve how they determine their rankings it is becoming more and more necessary to spread your large SEO projects out across different networks. Getting multiple and different hosting plans from many different companies can be expensive and a hassle. An SEO web host, like the provider Got Web Host, can help you avoid that hassle by allowing you to keep all your projects centrally located so you can focus on growing your sites, not juggling half a dozen hosting accounts.

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