Site Architecture for Search Engines
July 26th, 2008 by J.K.

How you build your sites can actually be a factor in how well they get ranked in search engines. If you have a large site with many pages or a site that is made up of many graphics or Flash, it can be difficult for search engines to spider and index all of your pages. This makes planning your site architecture for search engines important.

Search engine spiders can’t click, but they can read. This means if you have your site using a navigation menu made up only of graphics or of Java/Flash, the search engine spider can’t click the links and follow them to the other pages. This means only the front page of your site will actually get indexed, although search engines are getting better at Flash. If you are going to use a lot of graphics and/or Java or Flash you should also put a text only version of the menu somewhere on the site. This will give the spider something to read and follow so it can locate the rest of your pages.

Another common mistake is that people make sites that are too deep and too cluttered. Aaron Wall has written that a good rule of thumb is that all important content should be located within two clicks of the site’s main page. You don’t want to place low value pages in between the main page the high value content pages. This only slows the spider down and bogs your search rankings down. The search engines may put much of you site on lower crawl rates and rarely get to see your best content. Having many other lower value pages may not hurt you, but you should put them deeper in the site where they don’t block or interfere with your best pages. If you have a very large site with hundreds of pages, your navigation layout will be key to your search engine success.

As with any part of SEO, content is king when it comes to site building. Put your best foot forward right out the gate. Put the pages that are updated most often at the front of the site and put your best, most unique and useful stuff right up front where it is in clear view for the search engines spiders. If you bury your site in content that is poorly organized, you will ultimately pay the price for it.

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