Social Media for Search Engine Rankings
October 30th, 2008 by J.K.

Social media comes in a few different forms. There are the typical things that come to mind like Facebook and Myspace, but there are other sites like Stumbleupon and Digg that are also considered social media sites. These sites can be great sources of inbound links and can really help your search engine rankings. Here are a few ideas on how to capitalize on social media to get some traffic and maybe more importantly some great inbound links to your site.

Sites like Myspace and Facebook allow you to create a page about you or your company or group or whatever you are interested in. These sites are loved by search engines and often can be indexed very quickly. Plus, if your Facebook or Myspace page is something interesting to people they may link to it. Sites like this also have forums and other places you can “promote” your page which can draw traffic and links to it. Once you have a good Facebook or Myspace (or both) page built and running you can link to your main site from it. Make sure to use your correct keywords in the anchor text of your link and you will now have a couple of very nice one way links to your site from well regarded, established sites.

Using sites like Digg, Reddit and Buzz on Yahoo allow people on your site to vote for articles, or pictures or your site in general and have them ranked on the social media site. If you have a blog people can vote on the blog post. If you have articles they can vote on those or anything you put the voting script on. When they vote for something on your site you get ranked on the site they voted with.

For example if they vote for your article on Digg you now are listed on Digg. The more people that vote for your site the higher ranked you get. In a way it is like the old toplist scripts that used to be all over the place. Sites like Digg and Reddit link right back to your article or post or whatever was voted on. They use the title of your post or article as the link so you will want to make sure you have your desired keywords in your title. When you get listed on these sites it is a nice link to you.

A secondary bonus of getting listed on these sites is that often your site will be indexed by search engines very quickly. I have heard of people making a blog post, and clicking the link to vote for themselves on Digg. One vote won’t get them much traffic, but it did get the blog post indexed in Google within an hour.

Social media can be a great source of traffic and inbound links. Don’t overdo it or you could get banned, but if you use it properly you can get some great results.

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