Viewing and Sending Messages on Facebook
December 18th, 2011 by Catherine

Facebook series

9. How to view and send messages on Facebook

1) Facebook allows you to send private messages to one or more people at a time. These messages can only be viewed by the people involved in the conversation.

2) The red icon means we have one new message.

3) Click the message to view the full contents.

4) Type a reply in this box, then click Reply.

5) Creating a new message is just as easy.

6) Click the message icon, then click Send a New Message.

7) Begin typing the person’s name in this box. When the right name shows up, choose it from this list.

8) Type a subject for the message, then enter the message content. Click Send when ready.

9) That’s it! Now you know how to send and receive private messages on Facebook.

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